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Four Fun In Home Care Crafts Projects For Seniors and Caregivers!

Feb 26, 2018 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

4 Fun Home Craft Projects for Interactive Care Activities


One of the best things about in-home care is the opportunity to work together on fun activities, crafts, and projects. There's something about the rare relationship that forms that is somewhere between friendship and professionalism that is perfect for arts and crafts. We know, this sounds a little silly at first but when you think about it, working with your caregiver to make every day interesting can be a challenge, especially if you're looking to build a routine without falling into a rut. Rather than work on the same series of jigsaw puzzles every day, it can be a lot of fun to have a series of craft projects instead.


While you could work on building up a supply of crocheted holiday gifts for next year or an endless stream of baby hats to donate, don't forget that you also have the option of doing things that can improve, decorate, and serve useful functions for your home. If you're interested in home crafts to try with your caregiver, grandchildren, and visiting friends, we have five great suggestions to start with.


1) Building Birdhouses

Birdhouses are a timeless tradition of the idle and retired as a delightful way to turn your daily energy and desire for artistic work into something useful. There are a wide variety of birdhouse kits ranging from bits of wood you nail together if you're feeling handy to premade kits that you can simply spend several days painting beautiful birds, flowers, or abstract designs on. Working together with your caregiver, you can turn the hours of several sunny afternoons spent at the dining room table or on the back porch into a few beautiful new homes for your backyard birds.


2) Paint by Numbers

If you enjoy painting with brush and canvas, like beautiful art on your walls, but are not an overwhelmingly talented artist, there is a perfect home craft project just waiting to happen. Paint by numbers is a great way to learn how to mix and use acrylic paints while at the same time being certain that your final result will be beautiful. Choose from lovely cottage scenes to wild animals, beautiful flowers, or vivid cityscapes. You and your caregiver can spend hours touching paint brush to canvas and when you're finished, you can seal and spray the results for a lovely addition to your wall decor.


3) Putting Up Cat Walkways

If you live with cats, as many seniors do, there is a delightfully unique craft project that you and your caregiver can take on if they're alright with a little bit of work with screws and brackets. Cats absolutely love to lounge around above everyone's heads and people enjoy watching cats go through their mysterious and adorable daily routines. The perfect meeting place between these two desires is a cat walkway system. All you need are a selection of narrow decorative shelves reinforced with carpet for traction and comfort. You can paint them fun colors, attach toys for aerial play, and create fun jumping platforms for your feline friends.

The best part is that the vast majority of this project can be done sitting down, all you need is someone to mount the shelves. If your caregiver isn't up for it, ask a handy relative who is likely to be equally delighted with the project.


4) Quilting

Finally, if you're still comfortable sewing, you can make yourself almost anything with your caregiver there to help you get to and from the fabric store and handle larger expanses of cloth. Whether you choose to make yourself a beautiful new set of curtains or quilt an elegant bedspread, stitching provides you with a special way to make a home more welcoming using soft materials and warm insulation. You can even turn clothes you'd like to remember but should no longer wear into a single patchwork memory quilt to decorate your bed or wall.



Spending time with your caregiver doesn't have to be the same routine every day. The two of you can work together to think up all sorts of interactive and productive activities from fun errands to beautiful arts and crafts. Comfort Keepers in-home care can help you and your loved one! For more information about caregiving services and activities, contact us today!

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