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Dementia Tip: Home Care Assistance Is More Helpful Than You Think

Mar 26, 2018 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

Caring for Persons With Dementia


Dementia is not a treatable condition, but the person suffering from an illness which commonly impacts seniors can still retain her or his dignity and enjoy fulfilling events and moments.



What is Dementia?


Most people believe that dementia causes memory loss, but there are other symptoms that may indicate the onset of this disease. Other possible signs of dementia are difficulty concentrating, poor reasoning or judgment, visual impairment, and difficulty in communicating and listening.


If you notice two or more of the above problems affecting you or a loved one, make an appointment with your primary care physician without delay. Having several of these problems does not mean that you are facing a life with dementia; only a medical professional can make that determination. Sometimes, one or more of these conditions can be treated and resolved.

In other cases, it could be an indicator of the onset of dementia. In this case, you are better served to be forewarned and create a workable plan of action.



Determining the Best Care Program for Elderly Folks With Dementia


Individuals suffering from dementia require regular medical care and attention, but this is simply one aspect of their life which only occupies a small portion of their waking hours. More important is the quality of care and attention received by such people during their regular course of the day.


When everyone has been used to Mom or Dad managing their life in the home they have known for decades, adding dementia into the mix does complicate matters. However, simply because a person is facing life with dementia, it does not necessarily mean that a nursing home is the only option.



Why Home Should Remain Home


There are excellent benefits in having a person living with dementia to remain at home instead of moving to new surroundings populated with strangers. Imagine if you were living in a state of constant confusion. It can be both frustrating and frightening. Being in familiar surroundings can be seen as an anchor to reality for a person struggling to keep a clear head.


While a retirement community is a viable option, there is a lot of negative speculation, stress, and money involved in the process of packing up belongings, moving to a new community, and making new friends. Now imagine a person who is already having trouble remembering things; asking that person to remember a host of new friends and neighbors is simply overwhelming!



More Than a Caregiver


There is nothing dishonorable about asking for well-deserved assistance. Wealthy people constantly rely on the assistance of others; they do so without shame or explanation.

Even the most autonomous individual benefits from the aid of others at one time or another. By shifting the perception slightly, any negative impression a person might have about bringing in an outsider to help out can be turned into a plus.


Instead of thinking that you cannot do your shopping or vacuuming anymore, realize that you have been given the freedom to not do those chores, but still have a full pantry and a clean house.


This little change of thinking can do wonders. Instead of seeing home care as a burden or unwanted necessity, think of it as the freedom to focus on things of greater interest and pleasure.


Imagine no longer being obligated to perform mundane tasks. Even better is to have a friendly and familiar face to regularly come in and perform home duties while also catching up with your life and interests.


If your loved one requires medical attention, a private duty nurse can solve both your in-home caregiver needs and medical needs! They would spend time with your loved one as needed, while being able to provide them with the best medical care possible since they are certified professionals.




Meeting Changing Needs

For those dealing with dementia, chances are that the need for additional services will rise over time. The beauty of in-home care is that services can expand or contract as the needs demand it.


Home care assistance is often the most ideal way to manage the evolving requirements of those living with dementia. Because of its great flexibility, live-in care is an expanding industry serving vital needs of our senior community.



For those folks living in or near New Jersey, there is good news. Comfort Keepers, a nationally-recognized professional in-home caregiver service, is available to meet your in-home care needs. Are you interested in becoming a caregiver and making new friends? If so, you can reach us at 732-557-0100 to learn more about the employment opportunities we offer.


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