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Senior Care and Staying Active: Springtime Activities for Seniors

May 14, 2018 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

Spring Fever: Springtime Activities for Seniors


Each spring, as we grow weary of winter, a sweeping stroke of the brush across the drab, gray landscape transforms the world into a colorful canvas of budding trees and growing flowers. The senses are invigorated by the aroma of hyacinth and lilac, not to mention the distinctive scents of barbeques and chlorine. Evidence of new life brings joy, and we can't help but desire to be a part of it.


Seniors are no different. In fact, those who have suffered limitations in mobility or health can feel particularly trapped, especially when the long, dark winter months set in, stifling time for outdoor activities, or visits with loved ones.


When spring comes, your loved ones are anxious to be part of the joyous re-birth, and it's an excellent time to plan activities that will lift their spirits, and get them active.


So what can you do to celebrate the new season with your loved one?


Enjoying Nature


Spring fever hits hard and lasts long. There is nothing quite like the first day of the year when we can walk outside comfortably without wearing a heavy coat. Bundling up is a deterrent when it comes to getting fresh air, and when those temperatures rise, it often seems like the only place to be is outdoors, soaking it up.


In springtime, your loved one's spirits can easily be lifted by being outside, whether on a nature walk, or simply breathing in the fresh air near a cherry blossom on the side of the river. Senior care means enabling your loved one to participate in the excitement of each season. If you would like to find a new place to view nature in your area, consider searching for popular wedding portrait locations. Often, photographers and brides-to-be are meticulous identifiers of the most picturesque locations, even the more remote places.


Take your loved one to see the beauty of these sites, and if they enjoy those types of things, consider visiting on a weekend, when there's a chance of catching a glimpse of a wedding party, and from a distance, sharing in the joy and newness of their happy day.


Browsing the Marketplace


One of the perks of senior adulthood can be time to savor each experience at an enjoyable pace. With the constant demands of work and family obligations no longer clamoring for attention with such intensity, seniors can relish spring moments, engaging in activities as simple, but interesting, as browsing the goods in a farmer’s market. Search for open-air shopping opportunities when the weather is nice so that invigorating fresh air is part of the equation.


Thinking Spring


Even on those rainy days when your loved one is receiving in-home care, there are a lot of activities that can boost their mood, and get them into the swing of spring. In-home caregivers, like those at Comfort Keepers in Toms River, NJ, can incorporate the joy of spring into their care by participating in spring activities such as helping your loved one to create a window garden or preparing meals that call for seasonal ingredients.


Spring cleaning is another important activity this time of year. Clutter and dust are parts of life, regardless of age, and the completion of a productive cleaning session can leave one with a sense of accomplishment. Throwing away old mail and papers, wiping windows to let the sunshine in, and changing the decor in the living space are all elements that contribute to joyful living.


As home care providers, Comfort Keepers of Toms River, NJ is committed to serving your loved one with the highest level of care, which means important details, like embracing the joy of each passing season with them.  If you seek in-home care or assisted living options, please contact us at (732) 557-0010, or fill our contact form on our website.


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