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Home Care Agency Highlights Some of the Best Podcasts for Seniors

May 28, 2018 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

Top Podcasts for Senior Citizens


As a senior care services agency, Comfort Keepers is dedicated to providing top-notch care to all of our clients and their families. Though we specialize in elder services such as in-home care and interactive caregiving.  We’re also dedicated to providing as many resources as possible to help our patients and their families live their best lives.  Being home-care providers, pointing them towards entertainment, ways for them to stay connected with others, and other in-home care solutions are aspects that make Comfort Keepers excel. One such entertainment source that seniors have been increasingly enjoying are podcasts.


Multiple benefits of listening to podcasts are:

  • Staying informed and engaged with current events and other topics of interest
  • Listening to entertainment and storytelling
  • Exploring new interests and inspirations


Best of all, listening to podcasts is an excellent way to keep your mind active while doing household chores, driving, walking, cooking, or exercising. By staying focused on the content of the material, seniors can keep their minds as sharp as ever. Emma Rodero, a communications professor at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, found that “like reading, listening to audio allows people to create their own versions of characters and scenes in the story. But … listening, unlike looking at a written page, is more active since the brain has to process the information at the pace it is played” (The Atlantic).


In addition to the neurological benefits of listening to these various stories and reports, many of these podcasts are free! Below are several of the best podcasts for seniors:


1. Good Job, Brain!

According to The Huffington Post, trivia and brain teasers are great for seniors to stay sharp and engaged. This particular podcast is an interactive quiz show that can be enjoyed alone or with family and friends. From the Olympics to the news to biology, this podcast is a great way to test your memory and see what you know!


2. Lux Radio Fever

This podcast was originally a radio show from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s that adapted various stage plays and films for a domestic audience, and includes voice performances from legendary actors such as Judy Garland and John Wayne.


3. Planet Money

Though this podcast is primarily focused on the economy, it feels like chatting with old friends. Listen to this podcast to learn something and have a laugh!


4. This American Life

With 2.5 million Americans listening every week, this American Life is one of the most famous current podcasts. With a different focus every week and available episodes dating from 1995, you can spend hours binge-listening and learn new things!


5. You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This focuses on the glamour and scandal of old Hollywood. With gripping storytelling, celebrity guests, and the glitz of Hollywood’s Golden Age, listeners will be kept on the edges of their seats.


Be sure to click on the links to these sites to check out their content! Of course, there’s a podcast for almost every topic imaginable. If interested in listening to another podcast topic, the following sites have good podcast directories: NPR, AgeUK, and Buzzsprout.


Here at Comfort Keepers in Toms River, NJ, we prioritize the health and well-being of our patients and are leaders among home care agencies. While we have locations throughout the state of New Jersey, each branch maintains a personal level of care for our clients and our client’s families and provides meaningful, thoughtful assisted living in the home services. To learn more about how our various home care programs, including in-home care options and hospice solutions, as well as various insurance and out-of-pocket payment plans, please visit the other pages on our website. In addition, please feel free to call for more information about our elder care services at the following number: 732-557-0010, or fill out the form on our website.


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