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Building Family Relationships: Many Benefits for All

Feb 21, 2015 by Anonymous

For busy parents, having their kids spend time with grandma and grandpa can be a much needed relief and give them some free time as well. However, the real benefit may actually go to the grandparents and grandkids Read Article

What are the Benefits of Playing an Instrument for Seniors?

Feb 13, 2015 by Anonymous

Music can be an incredibly important part of life. The brain is an incredibly powerful muscle and it stores just about every single experience that a person has. According to the Orlando Sentinel, “music is beneficial because it allows individuals to reminisce and go back and relate to emotions and experiences. In fact, music opens up a world of memories for those struggling with dementia.” Read Article

The Need to Read: Large Print Books For Seniors

Feb 8, 2015 by Anonymous

It's a natural thing for a person’s eyesight to weaken over the years, but with large print books the elderly don’t have to worry about missing favorite novels anymore. These kind of books can be bought in a store or borrowed from your local public library. Read Article

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